Nicole Ansperger  (Violin)



It all began with Antonio Vivaldi... The rock star underneath the components had raised her passion for playing music.  In the age of 6 years she became a student of the well-known Violine-Virtouse George Moradian. He knew  how to support her talent, and to let her develop her own style.

Maybe it was because of her affinity to play the pieces of the great masters completely after her own feeling.  Stubborn after note was never her way.

That's why she didn't end up in an orchestra in the age of 19, but in a rock band.

The talent to play her instrument in all style directions, has not been kept hidden very long.  As guest musician she enriched various bands during their live shows.

Due to a guest visit with the famous band "The Hooters" which are well known in the international charts with their songs like " Johnny B", she was discovered by the German most successful Folk Rock band "Paddy goes to Holyhead" in 2005. From there on it was finally possible to make the hobby to her profession and to make her living only by playing music.

Nicole joined the Folk Punk band "Across the Border" in 2008 and produced 2 studio albums with them. In 2013 she played several concerts together with the famous classic metal band "Haggard", for example at the Wacken Open air.


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